Brookfield Christian School is extremely grateful for the compliments received from parents regarding our programs, staff, and the overall environment at our schools. We like to take this time to share with you some of our parent's remarks.

Both of our kids attended Brookfield Christian School in Maple Lawn for 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. Both children enjoyed their experience immensely and were reading before Kindergarten. They thrived academically and made wonderful friends that they’re still close with today. The teachers and staff were incredibly warm and caring, and the summer camp program and field trips were family favorites. We highly recommend BCS and will remember our pre-school experience there fondly.
Brian and Lauren

I can't say enough great things about Brookfield Christian School. They were fabulous at transitioning my daughter into their school. She is learning so much and has great friends at school.
Meghan R.

A special thanks to you and your staff for the important contributions you've made to our children's lives. You've done a wonderful job recruiting, developing and retaining an excellent staff of nurturing, caring and responsible educators.
Susan and Michael

Brookfield is a wonderful school and I feel very blessed that we found you. Thank you for all you do to make sure your students are well educated and nurtured.

Haley has grown into a bright, imaginative and caring child under your guidance.

Our daughter was born premature and my husband and I were nervous about leaving our baby girl with anyone. Fortunately, our minds were quickly put at ease. From the beginning, we could tell that her teachers cared about her and her progress developmentally. We are happy we chose Brookfield to bring our daughter.

Gilbert has been nurtured, received guidance, and gained academic and spiritual education and support. The teachers are terrific.

Emerson has gained so much from being here, both educationally and socially. We only hope we can find a school like Brookfield when we move.
S. Family

Thank you so much for all the food you collected for us. The food you donated came at a time when our pantry was very low. Because of your donations, we were able to help many people over Christmas and New Years.
Bethany Lane Baptist Church

Brookfield Christian School is a wonderful school. They are building a strong foundation in phonics, writing, math and reading for my son. He will be very prepared for Kindergarten.

Thanks a lot for the care and education that Shujia and Shuyi got in the past two years. They truly enjoyed their time at Brookfield.

Connor and Katie have been attending Brookfield for almost ten years. During this time I have watched my children learn, grow, develop friendships, and develop into the strong confident children they are today. This would not have been possible without the life experiences and interactions they have had with the staff at Brookfield.
Craig and Lisa

Our children had a wonderful experience over these past eight years at Brookfield. Not only has Brookfield been a great source of reliable and safe before-and afterschool care, but it provided both my children with strong educational foundations. When it came time for them to enter public school, there were both well prepared and had an easy transition thanks to your academic programs.